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Magnesia refractory clay

Magnesia refractory clay

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Also known as fire mud or joint material (powdered material). Used as a jointing material for refractory masonry. According to the material, it can be divided into clay, high alumina, silicon and magnesia refractory clay. Light burnt magnesia powder

It is composed of refractory powder, binder and admixture. Almost all refractory raw materials can be made into powder used to prepare refractory mud. The ordinary refractory clay made by adding refractory clinker powder and appropriate amount of plastic clay as binder and plasticizer is called ordinary refractory clay. The chemically bonded refractory clay, which uses hydraulic, air-hardened or thermosetting bonding materials as the bonding agent, is hardened by a certain chemical reaction before it is lower than the ceramic bonding temperature.


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