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Magnesium iron heat storage brick

Magnesium iron heat storage brick

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It has good heat storage performance, high density, high specific heat capacity, suitable for high temperature animal heat. Light burnt magnesia powder


Alkaline refractory heat storage products with partial prefabricated reaction magnesia iron sand as the main crystal phase. The main mineral composition is periclase, spinel and a small amount of silicate. The particles are of opalescent structure, the spinel in the periclase is fully developed, and the matrix part is a metasomatic turbid structure. Between the crystals is a low-porosity product with a direct combination structure of periclase-pre-reacted mafic sand. The product has uniform composition, stable performance, high thermal conductivity, super hot melt ratio, load softening temperature and high temperature mechanical strength, and strong resistance to alkaline slag chemical erosion.


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