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There are all safe masonry procedures for new and repaired ladle, so I regret not seeing it

2020-09-17 17:57:28

The safe construction process of new/overhauled ladle masonry. Light burnt powder

1. Preparation before masonry:

(1) Before construction, you must pay attention to safety protection measures, wear labor protection equipment, and do not work after drinking.

(2) Check whether the on-site construction equipment, such as mixers, cranes, brick processing machines, etc. are normal; check whether the required tools, such as wire ropes, pallets, steel ladders, pneumatic picks, and walking ladders, are reliable.

(3) The refractory materials required for masonry shall enter the construction site after passing the inspection before entering the site.

(4) Check and confirm that the construction site meets safety requirements before proceeding with masonry.

(5) Before the ladle is repaired, scaffolding and springboard should be built. When lifting objects, no people are allowed in the ladle, and there is a special person on the ground to command.

(6) During construction work in the ladle, no objects are allowed to be placed on high places and no repairing construction is allowed on the upper part.

(7) When constructing in the bag pit, the ground needs to be guarded by a special person.

(8) The stack of bricks should not be placed higher than 1.5m. Take care when picking up the bricks, and pay attention to the bottom to prevent the bricks from falling or collapsing and hurting people.

(9) Designate a person to operate the mixer, do not put your hands into the body or adjust the transmission belt by hand, etc., and immediately cut off the power supply in case of failure or danger.

(10) When hoisting refractory bricks, the spreader commander should confirm that the refractory bricks are hoisted and the personnel are evacuated to a safe position before carrying out the hoisting command.

(11) The spreader shall not be pulled or overloaded during lifting, and the crane shall be powered off in time after the masonry is completed.


2. New ladle masonry:

(1) Check whether the ladle shell is cracked, whether the trunnion is safe, and the bottom structure is intact; weld the edge of the ladle; position the ladle and clean the debris and rust layer inside the cladding according to the design requirements Paste the refractory insulation board along the circumference of the package wall; set the mold, cast the castable at the bottom of the package and vibrate to compact it, and the thickness meets the construction design requirements. After 2 hours, the surface of the castable is leveled; the mold can be removed after 8 hours One-step construction.

(2) Masonry at the bottom of the package:

Reserve the pouring distance according to the design requirements; install the nozzle seat brick and the ventilation seat brick, the brickwork bottom work is lined with refractory bricks, and the pouring material is used to fill the seat bricks and the bottom refractory bricks to reserve expansion joints; the pouring material is poured and vibrated to compact .

(3) The refractory insulation board should be constructed before the masonry masonry, and always keep about 100cm higher than the working layer masonry.

(4) After the bottom of the package is completed, level the surroundings of the bottom of the package, and reserve the pouring distance according to the design requirements; start to build the magnesia-carbon bricks of the package wall, and require the upper and lower layers to be staggered and the brick lining is flat and tight; To the fourth and fifth floors, pour the castable and vibrate to compact it.

(5) When the masonry reaches the position of the slag line, replace the magnesia carbon brick at the slag line, and the masonry method is the same as above.

(6) When laying close to the height of the ladle edge, cast the ladle according to the design requirements and use the castable.

3. Ladle overhaul and masonry:

(1) Check and remove the damaged, fallen, and attached refractory materials inside the ladle, and start repairing.

(2) Thinly spread the magnesia powder to level the bottom of the ladle, repeat the new ladle masonry process in 2 and the joints between the magnesia carbon brick working layer and the magnesite should be filled with magnesia.

4. Repair and masonry in the ladle:

(1) According to the actual damage of the refractory lining of the steel ladle, repair measures such as dismantling and repairing the slag line, digging and repairing the bottom of the bag, and replacing the seat brick.

(2) The repair process of the middle repair package:

First wrap the bottom → change seat bricks → wrap wall → seal edge or wrap first → seal edge → change seat bricks → wrap bottom.

5. End of masonry:

After the masonry is completed, clean up all the leakage or waste refractory materials in all construction areas in the bag. The construction equipment used should be cleaned up in time. The remaining refractory bricks should be placed neatly in an appropriate position, and safe passages should not be blocked.

6. During the baking and curing of the ladle, a patrol is carried out every hour, and attention should be paid to adjusting the flame at any time to ensure unobstructed air drainage.


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