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Light burned magnesia powder is an important refractory material

2020-10-13 16:51:38

Light burned magnesia powder is an important refractory material. Light burned magnesia powder is a raw material with medium alkalinity and chemical activity. Magnesium ball manufacturers are not only used as refractory materials and cementing materials, but also used in other industrial fields. In addition, the development of converter slag splash protection technology has further expanded the application range of light burned magnesium oxide powder. At present, the technology of protecting the furnace by splashing slag mostly uses light-burned magnesia powder into balls, including light-burned magnesia powder balls, carbon-containing light-burned magnesia ball and carbon-containing calcium-containing light-burned magnesia powder balls. Light-burned magnesia powder, referred to as light-burned magnesia powder, is a kind of activated magnesia obtained by calcining magnesite, brucite and magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater or brine at about 800~1000℃. Light burnt magnesia powder is light yellow, light brown powder, the particle size is mostly below 100 mesh, periclase crystals are very small. Light burnt magnesia powder

The preparation of light burnt magnesia ball is to add 80% light burnt magnesia powder into 2O water, put it into a milling machine for rolling, stirring, and mixing for 15 to 20 minutes to form a mixture, and then send it to the ball press through a belt conveyor to prepare the product. Then stack them. The finished light-burned magnesia ball is ready for sale after being dried in the shade for 48 hours and forming strength.


Tundish permanent layer castable

Improvement of Production Process of Light Burnt Magnesium Ball

1 Improved production process of light burned magnesia balls

After years of production practice in our factory, the light-burned magnesia ball products are produced according to the above-mentioned preparation process, and the quality of the products has the following problems.

1) The sphere is loose. Low density, low strength, easy to break. When loading and unloading, transportation, squeezing and falling, the sphere is prone to breakage.

2) Low ball formation rate. After the raw material is processed by the ball press, half is the product, and the other is the powder, and the powder needs to be manually returned to the press to continue processing.

3) The user is not satisfied. The products sold contain 20%-35% of small pieces and powders and other mixtures, and users have repeatedly raised objections.

4) The shape of the sphere is not complete. Some are half a ball, some are one-third, and some have missing corners, different shapes, matte surface, and poor appearance.


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