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Production process improvement method of light burned magnesia ball

2020-10-13 16:48:19

1) Construction of 2100m2 buildings; 2) Pouring of 3500m2 concrete floor; 3) Purchase of 1 ZLM30-3 loader. Light burnt magnesia powder

Improvement of production process

1) Improve 2 processes

① Improve mixed grinding. While improving the mixing effect and shortening the mixing time, it also improves labor productivity.

②Improve the conveying of mixed materials. Before the improvement, the mixed material was discharged from the mixer to the ground after being mixed, and then manually shoveled from the ground to the belt conveyor. After the improvement, the mixed material is discharged directly from the mixer to the belt conveyor through the unloader, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers and improves the production efficiency.


2) Add 4 processes

① Increase the feeding hopper. Before the improvement, each bag of 25kg light-burned magnesia powder and magnesia was manually transported to a 1.5m high feeding platform. After the improvement, the bag is directly opened manually and placed on the hopper with an elevation of 0.00, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves labor efficiency.

②Add a feeding belt conveyor. Before the improvement, the bag was manually opened on the feeding platform and placed in the mixing mill. After the improvement, the raw material of the feeding hopper directly enters the feeding belt conveyor, and the feeding amount is balancedly controlled. At the same time, an iron removal device is added to prevent ironware from destroying the compactor and ball press, which improves the safety of the production line and the stability of the material supply.

③ Increase the compaction process. Before the improvement, there was only a ball pressing process, and the product was extruded only once, and its size was 40mm×40mm×35mm. After the improvement, I added a compactor, and the product needs to undergo secondary extrusion. The size of the extruded product is 30mm×30mm×25mm, and the size of the second extrusion product is 40mm×40mm×35mm.

Increasing the compaction process is the key to the transformation of the entire light burned magnesia ball production line. After the product is squeezed twice, the squeezing makes the magnesium spherulites close to each other under the action of external force, shortening the distance r between the magnesium spherulites, and the second extrusion makes the magnesium spherulites closer together under the action of external force. , The distance r between magnesium ball crystals is smaller. As r is smaller, the positive and negative electrons around the magnesium powder crystal in the magnesium ball are easy to pair, the attraction between the electrons increases, the ionic bond increases, and the intermolecular force increases.

④Control the amount of water added. Controlling the ball water content is another key to ensuring the strength of magnesium balls. The amount of water directly affects the internal structural strength of the magnesium ball. With less water, the intermolecular forces between ions, ionic bonds and magnesium sphere crystals are difficult to form.


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