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Tundish spraying (painting) material

Tundish spraying (painting) material

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(1) Fast construction. The work can be completed within a few minutes using appropriate construction methods, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and reduces the potential safety hazards caused by human factors. Magnesium oxide powder manufacturers

(2) Dry molding can be put into use without long-term baking, which reduces energy consumption and greatly speeds up the turnover of the tundish.

(3) Good corrosion resistance improves the life of the lining, meets the demand for long-term pouring steel, and greatly reduces steelmaking costs.

(4) Relying on phenolic resin as a binder to obtain demoulding strength, reducing phosphorus pollution, purifying molten steel, can meet the requirements of smelting different steel grades, but resin-bonded dry materials are easy to increase carbon.

(5) There is reasonable line change under various temperature conditions, which is easy to turn over.

(6) Compared with paint, the tundish dry construction method overcomes the shortcomings of manual application, especially the service life is greatly improved to meet the continuous operation requirements of the steel industry, and it has shown a trend to completely replace the tundish paint.


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