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Light burnt magnesia powder

Light burnt magnesia powder

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This standard is applicable to light burnt magnesia powder used in papermaking, chemical industry, building materials, rubber, ceramics, animal husbandry and magnesia manufacturing. Light burnt magnesia powder

6.1 The weight of each batch of finished products shall not exceed 120t.

6.2 Samples for determining particle size should be sampled before batch formation, and samples for chemical analysis should be sampled after batch formation. Small bags (25kg) take one incremental sample for every 20 bags and one incremental sample for each big bag (1000kg).

After mixing the obtained particle size sample thoroughly, take 10~20g to determine the particle size. The mixed test sample is reduced to 200g and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

6.3 If the inspection result has a chemical composition that is unqualified or abnormal, take a double number of samples from the same batch of products for re-inspection, and the re-inspection result shall be the final inspection result of the batch of products.


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