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Magnesia carbon brick

Magnesia carbon brick

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Magnesia-carbon bricks are made of high-melting alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800℃) and high-melting carbon materials that are difficult to be infiltrated by slag as raw materials, with various non-oxide additives added. A non-burning composite refractory material combined with a carbon binder. Light burnt magnesia powder

Magnesia carbon bricks are mainly used for lining of converters, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces, and slag lines of ladle.

As a composite refractory material, magnesia carbon bricks effectively utilize the strong slag corrosion resistance of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon to compensate for the disadvantages of poor spalling resistance of magnesia.

Its main characteristics are: good high temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and low high temperature creep.


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