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Light burnt magnesia ball for steel plant

2020-10-13 16:41:49

Relevant departments investigated the main content of light burned magnesia balls used by steel mills to be 60%, 65%, and 70%. The price of light burned magnesia balls in this content range is willing to accept, and these light burned magnesia balls splash slag to protect the furnace. The effect is obvious, and some steel plants can reach 20,000 furnaces with furnace age. Many countries and regions are using it. Some large domestic steel plants use light-burned magnesia balls to greatly reduce their production costs and increase their economic benefits. Light burnt powder

Magnesium balls have a variety of specifications (10mm-40mm) and 60mm. According to the needs of various steel plants, its main content is magnesium oxide (MgO), and it has activity to improve furnace life. The magnesium balls pressed by the machine have higher strength and can give full play to their role in molten steel, and at the same time replace dolomite. The light burnt magnesia ball can reduce the amount of slag and increase the magnesium content. High melting point magnesium oxide (2800 degrees) plays a protective role in steelmaking.


70% content light burnt magnesia ball indicators:: magnesium oxide content 70-73%, silicon dioxide 4.1-4.8%, calcium oxide 2.1-2.52%, iron oxide about 1%, aluminum oxide 1.25%, moisture 1 -4% (according to seasonal changes), loss on ignition is about 17%,

No quota is required for export of light burnt magnesia balls (content below 70%)

The formation of the strength of the light burned magnesia ball The structural strength of the light burned magnesia ball mainly depends on the effect of its internal structure and organization force. From a theoretical analysis, the formation process of the strength of light burned magnesia balls is mainly physical and chemical processes. The physical process The light burnt magnesia ball is made by mixing light burnt magnesia powder and water and extruding. The diameter of light burnt magnesia powder is about 0.074mm, and it has a molecular or crystal structure in physics.

According to a large number of experimental and theoretical research results, it is shown that there is an interaction force between electric charges, the same kind of charges repel each other, and different kinds of charges attract each other. It shows that there is an interaction force between two point charges, and its magnitude is proportional to the product of the electric quantity of the two point charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two point charges. The unit crystals of light burned magnesia powder also have equal positive and negative charges.

There will always be a dipole at a certain moment, and this dipole is called an instantaneous dipole. The intermolecular force is related to the polarity of the molecule, and the molecule is generally electrically neutral. Because the quantity of positive charge and the quantity of negative charge in the molecule are equal.


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