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The recycling and reuse of waste refractory bricks is very important

2020-10-14 08:18:04

With the large-scale promotion and use of refractory bricks in our country, another problem has followed. Coal brick manufacturers are dealing with waste refractory bricks. Although refractory bricks are very useful, they will be discarded in the future. From now on, we must consider the large-scale disposal of waste refractory bricks that may arise in the future. It's just that at present, our disposal of waste refractory bricks is not small, and the treatment method is single. China's economy is currently in a stage of rapid development. If the treatment process of waste refractory bricks is not improved and the treatment process is simplified, then its recycling and reuse will not be on the agenda. Magnesium oxide powder manufacturers


So, how to deal with waste refractory bricks? Some new treatment techniques can be considered, such as changing some traditional destructive treatment methods into physical or chemical treatment methods, or using some chemical reagents to separate the effective components in the refractory bricks. In this way, we will find that the effective utilization rate of waste refractory bricks will be greatly improved. This is not good for protecting the environment, and more importantly, it can realize the recycling and reuse of resources.

At present, my country has entered the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. How to make more effective use of resources, reproduce the blue sky and clear water, and reproduce the vitality of nature has become the focus of development. Refractory bricks are an important raw material for China's industrial development in the future. If they are used in large quantities, there will be a problem of waste recycling. Although this problem is not obvious now, as a decision-making department with a long-term vision, I see it. Don't wait until the piles of used refractory bricks are piled up like a mountain to consider its recycling.


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