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Shaped refractory refractory bricks attracting attention

2020-10-14 08:17:06

Refractory brick may be a new term for everyone. The abbreviation of magnesia carbon brick refractory brick for electric furnace is also called fire brick. The raw material used is refractory clay. Generally speaking, there are two types of refractory materials, namely unshaped refractory materials and shaped refractory materials. This shaped refractory material refers to refractory bricks. Its shape is subject to standard rules, so it can be It is much more convenient to process the required specifications and sizes temporarily. Light burnt magnesia powder

Refractory bricks are usually fired from refractory clay or other materials that can resist fire. The surface of refractory bricks is usually light yellow, mainly used as a material for building furnaces. He is very capable, can be at 1580 ℃ to 1770 ℃ without being destroyed, so it is also called fire brick.


The unit volume weight and density of refractory bricks are relatively large. Refractory bricks are different from the bricks we generally use. They require pores, but there is no specific requirement for the porosity. When it comes to refractory bricks, there is a very important term, that is, high temperature load. The parameter of high temperature load indicates the resistance of the material and is the basis for the qualification of refractory bricks. In addition, the refractory bricks also have thermal shock resistance, and are not damaged by the rapid changes in high temperature. At the same time, refractory bricks also have strong compressive strength and flexural strength, which means that refractory bricks have the ability to withstand pressure at room temperature and can withstand considerable shear pressure.

Refractory bricks can be divided into 5 categories according to their internal composition, such as silica-alumina refractory bricks, alkaline refractory bricks, insulating refractory bricks, carbon-containing refractory bricks and zirconium-containing refractory bricks. . Refractory bricks are mainly used to build furnaces, but any kind of furnace cannot be built with only one kind of refractory bricks, so different refractory bricks are required for mutual matching.


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