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Light burnt magnesia powder for sewage treatment

2020-10-14 08:12:27

The light burnt magnesia powder reacts with water to form magnesium hydroxide, the light burnt magnesia powder reacts with sewage to form magnesium hydroxide MgO+H2O=Mg(OH)2, and the light burnt magnesium powder reacts with sewage to form hydrogen At the moment of magnesium oxide, the harmful substances such as silicon and other harmful impurities in the sewage are reacted and treated, because magnesium hydroxide is non-corrosive, safe, non-corrosive, and non-corrosive due to its buffering, high activity, strong adsorption capacity Characteristics, it has been widely used in water treatment systems in recent years. The heavy metals in sewage are more harmful to the environment due to their high sex, not easy to be metabolized in the environment, easy to be bio-accumulated, and gradually expand along the biological chain. Magnesium hydroxide has a large surface area and adsorbs It has a strong ability and a larger solubility product than general metals. Therefore, treatment of heavy metal ions with magnesium hydroxide will not only cause adsorption, but also produce precipitates due to displacement. Light burnt magnesia powder


According to research, magnesium hydroxide cannot neutralize the acid in wastewater, and can also precipitate Cu, Fe, Cr(111), Pb, and Zn plasma in the water, and it can be further removed by the adsorption of magnesium hydroxide. To achieve the purpose of complete removal, Ni and Cd plasma can also be partially removed. The magnesium oxide powder water treatment agent produced by Yingkou Bohai Magnesium Material Co., Ltd. has been used in sewage treatment systems in several cities at home and abroad. Because of its stable product quality and good service, it has established a good reputation in the industry. Effectively reduce and eliminate the discharge of sewage, choose light burned magnesia powder. Choose the manufacturer of magnesium oxide.


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